Pros and cons of automatic transmission

Pros and cons of automatic transmission

automatic transmissionThe number of motorists who want to become the owner of a car with an automatic transmission, it is becoming more and more the matter is that love of comfort, endless traffic jams on city roads. Cars with automatic transmission are gaining more and more fans.

As mechanics say, faced with a huge number of faulty automatic transmissions (automatic), the vast majority of failures and defects in them are caused by improper use and delayed maintenance.

Automatic gearbox pros:

  • Driving comfort;
  • more benign operating conditions of the engine and chassis thanks to the torque converter;
  • Improved capability : Automatic gearbox allows you to move more smoothly

Automatic gearbox cons:

  • The efficiency of automatic is lower than that of manual transmission.
  • At other equal conditions (engine power and vehicle weight) of the car equipped with automatic transmission, for pick-up will yield to the vehicle having a manual in the asset.
  • Lower efficiency.
  • If you are a big fan of “quick start”, the automatic transmission is not exactly for you.